As a founder, it was you who created the company from the ground up. You certainly have the knowledge and skills to run it and bring the organization to a level where you have envisioned it to be. However, like most founders, you may not know everything – just like everybody else. This is especially true when it comes to the kind of marketing that you can scale side by side cost and revenue. In this episode, learn how to apply data-driven marketing based on the kind of business you have using a data-driven culture and mindset.

Mike Moran is a digital-social media marketing consultant and the President of Mike Moran Group LLC. Previously, Mike was with IBM for 30 years and rose to the Distinguished Engineer position at the technical executive level. At present, he is also a senior strategist at Conversion, a leading marketing consultancy, as well as at Revealed Context. At SoloSegment, he is currently a senior consultant. His expertise is in web metrics, search technology, text analytics, and internet marketing. He is sought-after as a consultant, professional speaker, executive coach, and author. 

In this Episode:

  • Mike’s technical and data-driven marketing background and how he founded his own company
  • How much founders are using data and know about sales, technology, CRM systems, etc. but lacking in marketing
  • The difference between transactional and long-term value kind of business in relation to data-driven marketing
  • How digital marketing helps you assess the success of your efforts inexpensively in comparison to traditional marketing activities
  • Using the feedback loop to help you make necessary changes along  the way
  • How to build a marketing culture that is based on understanding the market instead of spending money on activities
  • Using data to make decisions over using your own judgment


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