How can you lead your company to a path of growth as a founder? The tech and martech space offers founders revolutionary tools that can accelerate the growth that you desire. However, being clear about your direction as to what kind of growth you want to achieve for your company is important to establish at the start. It is important to learn from the experts in the space to keep abreast with tech and martech evolutions and consolidations.

Matt Benati is co-founder and CEO of LeadGnome, a revolutionary AI Software as a Service which mines reply email for marketing and sales alignment. Matt believes that communication can optimize revenue generation. He is passionate about everything Account-Based. Previously, Matt was VP Marketing at LogMeIn and VP Global Marketing at Attunity. He also held senior roles at IBM and Netezza. He’s been with 4 to 5 startups and he loved every moment of it.

In this Episode:

  • How product-market fit is rarely achieved immediately and instead requires massive interviews and homework
  • Defining Ideal Customer Profile as ICP equals Ideal Account Profile plus Ideal Buyer Profile
  • The dynamics between founder leadership, marketing, and technology in attracting and winning customers
  • The quality of leads is more important than the number of leads
  • Keeping up with the evolutions and consolidations in the tech stack/martech stack industry
  • Counting on account reps and other resource experts to guide you through the consolidations instead of doing the discovery on your own as a founder


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