Not all marketers are superheroes. As a founder, you need to equip your marketing team with the right tools that can help them become more organized and highly competent. Find out how tools can help you eliminate redundancy, wastage, and disorganization especially using Lately as a platform. 

Kate Bradley Chernis is the co-Founder and CEO of Lately, a marketing software company. Realizing that a marketer’s function can be pulled together in an all-in-one Marketing Dashboard, Lately is now the only platform that organizes and produces content, implements project management, and does analytics in one place. Kate is happy to help marketers and companies of all sizes organize and automate towards business success.

In this Episode:

  • How founders, like Kate herself, often have to deal with a lot of challenges and how they overcome them
  • How Lately as a platform helps marketers do their job better and faster with more organization and assistance
  • How to use Lately to get your messaging right and consistent for SEO and ultimately, for your customers
  • How your company persona can reflect your own personality to make it more human
  • How to develop a natural pitch for marketing


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