Not all individuals follow a traditional path in their careers. Some unique ones explore different careers not for a lack of sense of stability but the passion to ignite transformation where transformation can be most fulfilling. Julie Roehm has been CMO, Chief Storyteller, Chief Experience Officer, and marketing consultant in the marketing space. But what she really is, is an igniter of transformation.

In this Episode:

  • How Julie has transitioned to various careers in the marketing space by feeding her natural sense of curiosity
  • How Julie brought in her transformational expertise as CMO at Abra Autobody and Glass
  • How to collaborate internally to set a transformational culture
  • How to become truly customer-centric
  • How Julie is looking at company culture for her next transformational opportunity based on recommendations from her trusted network
  • How a sense of fulfilment from effecting transformation can be more important than your ego

The transcript of this insightful interview is available exclusively here.

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