What’s the “C” in CMO? Apparently, a decline has been seen in the role of the CMO in the organization and this may not be a trend to just brush aside. In this Toddcast episode, let’s dig deep and find out how we can turn things around.

Christine Crandell is a Serial CMO, B2B board member, and C-level global marketing exec who is a strategy expert and transformational leader.

In this Episode:

  • What to look forward to as upcoming podcast episodes for 9 weeks on CEOs and transition, transformation, and tenacity
  • The highlights on the last 12 weeks of all-CMO podcasts
  • How the CMO is becoming a diminishing role and how to bolster the role of marketing
  • How the new marketing role could be a shift or a fad
  • The huge volatility in CMO turnover in the top 100 Fortune 1000 brands based on a Spencer Stuart study
  • 5 things CMOs can do to turn the trend and support their role

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