There are different ways to approach marketing and the goal is to make it most effective in reaching out to customers. Every touch point is a potential for closing a sale and thus must be well-orchestrated, lest you loose that customer or client along the way. More than any meticulously planned strategy however, the human to human approach to marketing has been proven most powerful. Because you are dealing with humans, then the most natural and easiest approach should logically be humanistic as well. This podcast is all about humanizing marketing so you do not have to go somewhere else but simply dig deep within as a human founder yourself to market your brand effectively.  

Bryan Kramer is the CEO and President of PureMatter, a digital agency passionate about humanizing marketing to energize businesses. He is also a social strategist who works with Fortune 500 companies including IBM, TED, Harvard, Dell, NFL, and the like. A most sought after international keynote speaker, he likewise hosts the “From the Author’s Point of View” podcast series and the #H2HChat Live each week. A best-selling author, his latest book called Shareology made it to USA Today’s Top150 book list on its first week of release. Bryan is highly recognized as one of the Top 50 Social CEOs on Twitter Globally by Huffington Post, was named Top 25 Influencer to Follow by Forbes, and many more.

In this Episode:

  • How the customer is central to every stage, conversation, and touch point of a brand
  • How to build your brand around human relationships
  • How to humanize marketing at every customer touch point
  • How sales and marketing can work together in the same way that company culture can drive a brand
  • How to bring in individual, consultancy, or marketing agency help to transition your business to the next level
  • How highly specialized marketing boutiques pose an advantage over general agencies

Marketing Tools featured in this episode:

Lately   ///   Nimble   ///   Nudge


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