Company growth is a goal that founders strive to achieve at certain stages and growth marketing is both a scientific and artistic tool to use. As a science, growth marketing will require continuous, methodical experimentation until a viable conclusion on how to reach growth goals is attained. And like any other experiment, being able to identify the root problem is a critical first step, versus being all over the place with multiple problems identified.  In the end, what you want is to grow user-driven revenue. It’s all about the ways to growth marketing and focus in this episode.

Shanee Ben-Zur is a strong, outspoken female who has more than 13 years of experience in the different facets of marketing. Her being a marketing leader is an important culmination of her marketing work in demand generation, crisis communications, social media, digital media, PR and brand marketing to name a few. Currently, Shanee is Head of Marketing at Crunchbase, a place online where innovators can find information about interesting companies and the people behind it. Previously, she has also worked with Dropbox,, NVIDIA, and PlayStation.

In this Episode:

  • The discipline of growth marketing and its meaning from Shanee’s experienced perspective
  • The hallmarks of a great growth marketer doing iteration experimentation
  • How identifying the core problems is a good first step in resolving marketing issues
  • Approaches to help founders zero in on what to solve first in the early stages such as awareness, conversion, activation, retention, upsell, and advocacy
  • Traits to look for in a growth marketer to hire including performance orientation, experimentation mindset, and the like
  • How high EQ (emotional quotient) in relation to customers is critical to the art of growth
  • How to direct the company towards just one change effort instead of different departments pushing for different goals for change

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