It’s good to really take time and segregate a budget for your marketing strategy and how you could build your own name in the industry. But some brands and companies just go with the flow without really having an end in mind. Setting your goals can help you reach your destination. In marketing, it is important that you know what you’re doing and who you want to reach out to in order to achieve your goals. In this episode, we’ll learn more from Aaron Strout, an integrated marketing professional, on how you can find the right marketing mix for your brand.

Aaron Strout is the Chief Marketing Officer of W2O Group and has 20+ years of experience in integrated marketing. Aaron believes in the evolution of marketing. Know more about it as you listen to his discussion the vitality of marketing in the business world. 

In this Episode: 

  • What’s a great focus for marketing?
  • Finding the right marketing mix and how to go through that
  • How to leverage your channels correctly
  • Struggle in the one-size-fits-all kind of marketing
  • Testing and experimentation in marketing
  • Importance of having a goal and not just going with the flow
  • What does it take to do a podcast and why do hosts do it? 
  • How do you find guests for your podcast? 
  • The wrong concept of “podcasting just for the sake of podcasting”

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