The function of a CMO is focused on facilitating sales & marketing strategies of a business. While CMOs work together with the other C-level executives, harmony in an organization isn’t always present. To execute a plan and make it work, there should be a forging partnership within an organization. One leader should think about how another leader perceives one thing. And from there, they can align their goals and work in harmony to bring value, and eventually, revenue to the company. 

Karen Hayward is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and a Managing Partner at Chief Outsiders. Karen helps mid-sized companies grow business by accelerating and executing strategic marketing programs that help drive sales and increase revenue. She firmly believes that the alignment between sales and marketing departments of an organization is the key to bringing the company up in the ladder. 

In this Episode: 

  • The thing that CEOs need to know from a CMO’s perspective
  • The role of psychology and emotions in business decisions
  • A discussion about what a fractional CMO does
  • Expectations of people from CMOs, and the connection of CMOs and CEOs
  • The importance of a good relationship between CMOs, CFOs, and VP for Sales


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