What makes an investor want to invest in a company like yours? A good pitch, a great presentation, or some sensational numbers – one can only guess what it is that makes an impressive impact on investors enough to make them say yes. More than a pitch, VCs are looking at how much you can make them believe in you. At the early stage, startups really need to focus on feedback from customers and partners to help them iterate until they get to their final destination. Fortunately, experienced investors have the understanding and patience to make this happen for the companies they invest in.

In this Episode:

  • What investors are looking for to invest in enterprise and consumer companies
  • How market, timing, team competency are important considerations in a company’s ability to excel and grow
  • The role of the CEO and his team in establishing the company’s direction
  • How feedback from customers and partners are critical at the early stage
  • How the early days should be about product marketing more than performance marketing
  • How the founder should be the lifeblood of the company being able to guide, inspire, and execute

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