What does it take to get that most coveted funding and then be able to take your company to the next level? First-time founders could think that simply sending potential investors an email, pitch deck, or business plan is enough to make an impression. However, it is never as simple, or instant, as that. Investors only bet on people with whom they have built enough of a relationship to trust them. This is an eye-opening episode on looking for funding and the right approaches to take to be successful at it.Paul Jozefak is a Co-Founder at Receeve, a newly-launched company with a vision of creating a completely digital approach to collections. Paul has a strong insider experience working mostly in venture capital, company building, and launching startups. He was managing director for Liquid Labs and Otto Group Digital Solutions. Previous to that, he was also a Neuhaus Partners managing partner for 6 years. From 2000 onwards, he joined SAP and took charge of its Corporate Venture fund and headed SAP Ventures Europe. Moreover, he has worked in a global law firm, consulting, and real estate financing.

In this Episode:

  • The lowdown on raising money using VC and how to be truly successful at it 
  • How cold-calling investors is never going to let you raise money
  • Relationship-building is the only way to a VC’s heart
  • Understanding cultural and regional differences are top concerns when going international
  • What to prepare before you set up office in another country

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