Everyone can’t make it to the top all at the same time. We have different phasing, different timelines. But what if you could do something about it to change the process, and lessen the time you spend on other things, in order to lead? Leading your category doesn’t always mean you are the brand with lowest price, or a company with the most numbers of offered products or services. Think of something that your brand can be radical for. Customers know they’re valued by how you present your product, not just for the sake of revenue and income, but for the sake of satisfying them and giving the best value you can.

In this Episode: 

  • What it takes to be a leader in the space
  • Adding that ONE thing that could change your business’ path
  • How replicating other companies doesn’t work
  • Importance of knowing your customers’ wants & needs
  • Connecting to your customers’ desires

Notable Quotes:

“When you’re not connecting to your customers in the right way – it’s one of the symptoms of a bigger problem.” – Todd Wilms

“Frankly, the consumer or the buyer has so much choice in the marketplace. They can tell when nothing’s really connecting to them and it isn’t a product or service that’s really geared towards them, but is instead something you want to push down their throats.” – Todd Wilms

“The customer is king. The customer needs to be the one pulling instead of us pushing it to them. They’re the ones making the decision, so you have to present it well to them.” – Todd Wilms

“Don’t just make content for the sake of content, and converse just for the sake of conversation.” – Todd Wilms

“As leaders, it is your responsibility to bring those people along for the ride – may it be your employees and colleagues – make sure they are educated and on board with this new direction. This is a recipe for success.” – Todd Wilms

“Everybody in the company needs to feel they are part of this shift and they need to understand why you’re making it, where are you going and where the company is heading.” – Todd Wilms

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