A lot of people have misconceptions about the American Foster Care System. They think it’s just a government thing and people have no say about it. But Jennifer and Jessica were so eager to make a change in the lives of these children – that in turn will benefit the future of the society. Jennifer Jacobs, with many years of experience working on complex data analysis and problem solving – wondered how technology can help throughout the American Foster Care System. Jacobs then met Jessica Stern, the latter with years of experience in the public and private sector, both teamed up to work towards creating sustainable social change.

Connect Our Kids is a non-profit organization building a smart technology platform that will find families for foster children with speed and precision. They are scaling up the most successful technique used to find permanent families for children in need — which is building out an extensive family tree. (Think Facebook meets Ancestry.com) Connect Our Kids is unique as they intend to give (NOT sell) this technology to every social worker and family recruiter across the country.

Do you want to be involved and send help to Connect Our Kids organization? Jessica and Jennifer are looking for people who can: (1) give fundraising support or donations for the organization; (2) tell stories and testimonials about adoption; (3) be their data partners – people behind the power of this technology.

In this Episode:

    • Fostering children and what does this mean
    • Misconceptions of people about foster care
    • Is foster care really a “government system” only?
    • Learn more about the American Foster Care System
    • Know how  Jessica and Jennifer built and grown their organization
    • Funding for non-profit organizations
    • Managing and dividing your time in the organization
    • Building your thrive and getting people around you
    • Motivating people to participate and volunteer
    • Know how YOU can help and get involved with their organization

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