What would be the best way to approach marketing if you are a startup? Well first off, you have to acknowledge the importance of marketing in helping you achieve business success. Unfortunately, most founders tend to underestimate such importance and then end up realizing too late what was lacking. Secondly, you have to admit that marketing is not as easy as it looks and overestimating the same will not encourage you to strategize as much as you should be. This episode contains the basic but most important ingredients to marketing that every startup should know about to propel their business to the next level.
Devin Redmond is Co-Founder and CEO at Theta Lake, a new startup that deals with the modern compliance risks associated with video communication. This is Devin’s multiple time of doing a startup and he has always been great at it. Recently, he also co-founded and was CEO of Nexgate or formerly Social iQ Networks. Nexgate led in the social media compliance space as well as brand protection for various enterprises. In a span of 3 short years, Devin was able to drive the company towards being a leader that was recognized by Forrester and used by more than 100 enterprise customers. Nexgate was then successfully exited and acquired by Proofpoint for $35 million. In Devin’s two decades in the security and compliance industry, he did pure marketing along with product marketing and product management. 

In this Episode:

  • Devin’s point of view about marketing, being a Founder with a marketing background
  • How marketing often gets underestimated in importance and overestimated in terms of ease of implementation for startups
  • How marketing should be done with the team using their skill sets or the lack thereof
  • How startups should look for help within their network of connections first before they get outside help from any agency
  • How to lay your marketing foundations first to prepare for big agency action
  • How to create the content, story, and value proposition that will suit your buyers persona
  • How to use your social networks such as LinkedIn to help you do cost-effective marketing to start
  • How to implement the concept of looking bigger than you are when trying to outdo competitors as a startup
  • The high velocity content model and how you should be doing your story-telling and core content
  • How to use huge base content to repurpose into smaller chunks and spread them over your different outlets
  • How to do press outreach and several small events versus just one big event
  • How the nimble approach to marketing should be about achieving small, steady but quick wins
  • How a well-balanced talented team is beyond every successful execution
  • How to manage a team and handle members with their different personalities
  • How to nurture the team for enhancement purposes

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