Lily Zheng empowers employers to create inclusive workplace environments through policy recommendations, trainings and best practices. She is also a diverse and inclusion consultant, executive coach, and design researcher who helps people and organizations transform their positive intentions into positive impact. She is being guided by her unwavering commitment to creating more inclusive and equitable systems that can empower all people to not only survive, but thrive. Lily is also the author of the new book: Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Discrimination. The book discusses the struggles that transgender and gender-diverse individuals face in the workplace. 

In this Episode: 

  • Learn Lily’s advice for founders and startup owners build a better ecosystem
  • Learn more about diversity and inclusion
  • Benefit of having a more diverse gender and palette of people in the organization
  • How to make better decisions and bring the company to success
  • Tips, tricks and stories from Lily about diverse workforce and practical counsel!

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