How much should you be watching over your shoulder to your competitors? When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to keep looking at your competition, wanting to make sure that you are getting ahead and surpassing whatever it is they’re doing. However, this doesn’t always work because you are uniquely different as a company from anybody else out there. If you want to really stand out, you have to look inside and build your story based on your own unique personality. Knowing exactly what you do as a company first is key to your positioning. Only then can you be guided in hiring your CMO and building your power marketing team. In this episode, learn how being authentic and true to who you are will help you resonate with your audience.
Stacey Epstein is Zinc’s CEO for almost 3 years now. Zinc is a company which believes in providing deskless workers a better means to communication using the All Mode Communication Platform that is aimed at driving business results. Zinc transforms businesses by allowing access to real-time communication at any time, using any device of choice. Stacey has been in enterprise software for nearly 3 decades. She started her career at Oracle as an administrative assistant and eventually found her way into marketing through some smaller enterprise startups. She went from being regional sales manager, director of marketing, to senior director of marketing. From there, she became Global Vice President of Marketing at SuccessFactors and then at ServiceMax as Chief Marketing Officer. She brings her experience in social, cloud, and mobile enterprise tech into Zinc as Chief Executive Officer. 

In this Episode:

  • Stacey’s professional journey from being an administrative assistant at Oracle to Zinc’s CEO
  • The essence of being a CMO and how to approach such an important role
  • Successful marketing in a powerful combination of customer empathy and deep company awareness
  • The story of how SuccessFactors developed its own unique personality as a brand
  • Features and functions versus brand
  • The importance of determining what it is that you do as a company first before anything else
  • Why hire a CEO with a CMO background as in the case of Zinc and Stacey
  • The challenges the company faced transitioning from Cotap to Zinc
  • How CEOs should be thinking about marketing and hiring a CMO
  • Understanding the core functions of marketing as a first step
  • How Zinc is its own success by providing a unique value to the deskless, mobile market
  • How success is possible no matter how broad or narrow the market when you know who you are and who you’re selling to
  • The importance of understanding the value of marketing

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