Fear is a basic emotion that haunts many individuals and cause them to stop on their tracks, and a founder like yourself is no exemption. Your journey as a founder can be beset by fear and it is important to know what forms they take and at which particular stages so that you become aware of them and know exactly how to deal with them. You can feel that fear before you even start on your journey and you can certainly get confronted by it again in the middle as you decide on which directions to take. The fear that you feel at the end is also worth exploring as without you knowing it, you could be sabotaging yourself just to avoid that ending. In this special edition of Toddcast, it is time you face those fears and realize that it isn’t that bad after all when you allow people around you to lend you a helping hand. 

In this Episode:

  • How fear can haunt founders in the beginning, middle, and end
  • How fear of failure versus compulsion can gnaw at you at the beginning
  • How taking the first step to becoming a founder is made amazing with the support of mentors, advisers, etc. who are on the same journey
  • How fear of change confronts the founder in the middle of the journey
  • The two forms of fear of change: the fear to change at all and the fear that causes you irrationally to change too quickly
  • How the fear to change at all is more of an emotional decision rather than a logical business decision
  • How founders tend to pivot too quickly as a response to slow growth instead of implementing healthy changes based on research, insights, and data.
  • How fear and panic is a recipe for disaster in any space
  • The fear at the end: fear of success, fear of the exit
  • How fear of success mimics Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD
  • The fear of the exit and going through the process of starting again
  • How founders are motivated more by what they create than the money or the success that they get in the end
  • How openness and interest in other people helping you can get you through these fears and challenges

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