The primary purpose of growing a business is to generate revenue – lots of it, but, that may not always be the case. A non-profit social enterprise has the ability to give you both revenue as a business and fulfillment as a life’s mission. Most founders tend to focus too much on the monetary side of the business but hearing it from a social enterprise founder may give you a different kind of perspective. How would you like as a founder yourself to also find fulfillment in what you do as a business organization and even find how your authenticity to help other people can actually fuel your success? In this podcast episode, learn how a business with a purpose can help you grow effectively, naturally, and sustainably. 
Villy Wang is the Founder, President, and CEO of BAYCAT, a non-profit social enterprise whose ultimate mission is to end racism, one story at a time. Villy was driven by her own childhood experience working in a sweatshop and being treated as an immigrant. As such, BAYCAT’s practice is to help advance racial equity by providing educational and employment opportunities for the youth through the Academy on one hand, and serving clients through the Studio on the other. The BAYCAT Studio has successfully produced professional media for like-minded clients such as Super Bowl 50, the Golden State Warriors, and the National Park Service to name a few. As a TED speaker, social entrepreneur, and storyteller, Villy is all about running a business with a purpose.

In this Episode:

  • How Villy founded Baycat as a mission to help end racism
  • How Villy’s childhood experiences as an immigrant and working in a sweatshop has contributed to her current mission
  • How access to education and technology can make a difference in individual success
  • How Villy’s mother became an entrepreneur and how this has influenced her to some degree
  • Villy’s experience in corporate business, lawyering, and discovering how one can have a business with a purpose
  • The driving force behind Villy’s creating the Baycat for its purposes
  • How Villy was inspired by the idea of providing the youth with opportunities to grow while growing the business
  • How your entrepreneurial side can inspire you to solve a problem and make that as your life’s mission
  • The unique structure and business model of Baycat, integrating their Academy and Studio business set-up
  • How being extremely reflective is critical to serving different markets and keeping true to your original vision
  • How a company can deal with the evolutionary changes that have to be made along the way
  • How a trusted team and supportive network who have the same vision is important in executing your mission
  • How diversity inclusion is becoming a corporate effort for today’s businesses

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