Wrapping up an 8-week series on Talent and Recruiting, Todd shares his key insights and learning from these conversations. From executive recruiters to HR leaders to culture thought-leaders, he looks closely at what founders have to do to build teams, at all stages of company growth. Have you been thinking in a while how to fill in those vacancies, or how to keep great people in your organization? Are you following a process that doesn’t give you the results you need? Learn how to find talent, how you can make them stay, building a great culture in the company, and how you can find the great marketing leader for the business. Get the best of our series on talent in this – the second ToddCast!

In this Episode: 

  • Top three (3) priorities of founders this 2019
  • Key takeaways of Todd Wilms from the 8 great conversations about talent and recruitment
  • How to draw people into your organization
  • How to make people stay in the organization and lessen the unnecessary cost of recruitment
  • Building culture in the organization
  • Finding the best marketing leader

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