Michael King has been in the recruitment industry since the late 90’s. He has worked with founders and startup companies finding great talents – teaching them where and how to get them. For the last 15 years, he has been helping B2B startups and mid-sized Pre-IPO companies in the SF Bay Area and Seattle build out their Marketing teams…from the CMO down to the Director. He loves working with small companies because every hire is crucial to the company’s success. Learn how he can help in pooling great marketers in your business, plus hear his firsthand experience with different founders and companies and how their attitude towards hiring has brought either success or failure to the organization.  

In this Episode: 

  • Learn how to find great talents – where and how to get them
  • The importance of knowing that whatever works for the other may not work for your business
  • Michael’s outlook on people looking at titles rather than professional growth and value
  • Know what traits of a marketer may work for your small or startup business
  • How Michael and his great talents has contributed significant growth to companies

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