Often, the approach is to try to improve on your weaknesses. But does that really work? How about for the individuals in your team? It is easy to think that people can still improve especially when it comes to their weaknesses. However, if you think about one’s strengths that is already there, waiting to be used, then that seems to be a more natural and more adaptable approach. When you are able to identify what each of your employees are good at, you will be able to place them in the right team and give them roles that help them function at their best. There are assessment tools such as Strengths Finders that you can use to identify such strengths and then form cohesive cross-functional teams based on the results. This podcast episode focuses on how you can harness your team’s strengths and transform them to become highly independent, creative, responsible, and productive.
Dana Shaw-Arimoto is the CEO and Founder of Phoenix to the Fifth or Phoenix5. Phoenix5 is an advisory and consulting firm that offers coaching for teams of different types of companies. Dana evangelizes a new mindset called Stop Settling® and believes in the power of individual and team strengths in propelling the company forward. She has connected with millions of individuals over the span of the two decades that she has been in employment, non-profit advocacy, and company management. Today, she is applying all the valuable insights that she has learned to help founders nurture talent from within the organization.

In this Episode:

  • How to harness the strengths of the pool of people that you currently have in your organization
  • How focusing on improving on people’s weaknesses doesn’t work as people are who they are
  • How Strengths Finders is an important assessment tool for identifying people’s top five strengths
  • Strengths Finders in comparison to other assessment tools such as Myers Briggs and DISC
  • How to use the Strengths Finders to assess your employees’ individual strengths in executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking
  • How to place people in the correct positions and roles based on their strengths
  • How to make use of the assessment results to make a cohesive team of talented individuals
  • How to put together a cross-functional team considering each team member’s strengths and the gaps that need to be filled in
  • How team members perform at their best when they are empowered and are able to use their strengths
  • How to nurture a team by giving them a sense of responsibility, autonomy, and trust
  • How it is a must to use the results of a survey to implement changes based on employees’ feedback
  • How to create a developmental talent strategy for both internal and external talents in line with your corporate strategy
  • How to work with and through the team to help your company grow

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