How do you go about acquiring talents and leaders for your teams? As a founder who does a lot of multi-tasking, you might find yourself instantly hiring someone who looks like an expert at what he does just to fill in the position. Well, that would be a quick way to do that and it seems to get the job done when you need it the most. In the long haul however, you will realize that, that same employee is not really a good fit with the company’s culture, mission, or values and is thus unable to help you achieve your goals. Thing is, this kind of scenario can keep repeating itself with all the other individuals that you hire for the company and who knows what can happen to your business when you have teams who are not functioning and performing as you expect them to. This episode is an informative guide for founders as they take that necessary pause to really think about their long-term goals and how to hire the right talent to help them get there.
Will Staney is the Founder of Proactive Talent, a company focused on recruitment and employer branding to help businesses attract the right talent and hire better. Will is also co-Founder of Talent Brand Alliance which is a  community built around Employer Branding practitioners. Formerly, he was Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Twilio as well as Glassdoor. The other enterprise software companies he led in for their recruiting operations and sourcing strategy are SuccessFactors, VMware, ad SAP. Being an influential expert in the HR space, Will is sought-after as a keynote speaker and speaks regularly about employer branding and new media marketing with recent appearances at SourceCon (keynote), ERE Recruiting Conference, Linkedin Talent Connect, and Sourcing Summit Australia (keynote) to name a few.

In this Episode:

  • How founders are naturally reactive to the the idea of hiring as they tend to focus more on the product above anything else
  • How to shift into proactively thinking about the company culture, long-term goals, and future plans
  • How its harder to fix ingrained, broken company culture years later than it is building the culture you want from the start
  • How people strategy is actually the foundation and fuel of your product, sales, and marketing strategy
  • Preparing for big growth periods by hiring the right people with the same values, passion, and level of enthusiasm
  • How to design a hiring process and strategy based on company identity and shared values
  • How to establish a cultural brand that attracts talents of like-minded values
  • How to stand out as a company among competitors also looking for amazing talents
  • l  How the millennial workforce is more attracted to a sense of purpose than just a big salary offer
  • How treating employees right helps you do more business with customers
  • How hiring outside help can widen your perspective and allow you to see things you simply are unable to see from the inside
  • How telling the story of your company helps attract the right people to go to you instead of you spending money looking for them
  • How as a founder you can treat your employees right by thinking about how you want to be treated yourself

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