Marketing can play a different role for different kinds of companies but for startups, there are basic principles that apply. Typically, marketing is responsible for creating awareness and ensuring preference in buyers. Compared to the previous years, the buyer or customer can now be individually reached with the help of data and analytics. As such, it is important to hire the CMO who can work on answering the marketing need that is specific to your company and then build the team which will complement his skill set. The same head of marketing though has to be hired at a time when product-market fit has already been established at a certain level to ensure focus and success. In this episode, learn more about product market fit, demand generation, content creation, partner marketing, and so much more. 
Jon Miller is a co-founder and CEO at Engagio, an account-centric platform which orchestrates and measures account-based Marketing and Sales Development efforts. Before that, Jon was also co-founder at Marketo, a marketing automation leader, and ran its marketing. He is known as a thought leader and pioneer of modern digital marketing. Although he had an undergraduate degree in Physics, most of his career has been in marketing technology. He worked for a leading marketing platform called Xchange and a leading marketing technology called Epiphany. After that, Epiphany was sold and together with his co-founder Phillip Fernandez, Jon started Marketo. 

In this Episode:

  • How Jon studied Physics as an undergraduate and his career in marketing technology
  • The essence of marketing and how it has changed over time
  • How marketing tactics have changed with data and analytical capabilities, allowing individual customer reach
  • The three kinds of marketing executives based on their strengths: demand gen, product, and corporate marketing
  • How CMOs tend to have only one main strength and how to hire the one to complement your needs and marketing team
  • When and how to hire a CMO as startup especially at the early stages
  • How product and product-market fit are critical aspects of marketing support
  • How to do content and partner marketing to jumpstart demand generation
  • How to write content that stands out and establish your company as a thought leader
  • The role of marketing in getting to product-market fit
  • The right time to do positioning and messaging
  • The mistake of scaling revenue teams before perfecting product-market fit
  • How companies can encounter the dilemma on who’s going to be responsible for some customer concerns

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