What does having a well-established company culture have to do with you running your business? Establishing a company culture is not something that you think about in the beginning of your business as a founder. Some would like to think that a culture organically gets developed over the course of time. While this seems like what happens naturally, most companies which do not go out of their way to set up the kind of culture they want the company to develop from the start, suffer later when a different culture gets developed – one which is a far cry from how you wanted it to be. Worse, you have already reached that point where it is not easy changing it into the kind of company culture you preferred as it has already been deeply ingrained in the system. This episode is about developing a company culture that will be the foundation that drives everything about your business from the present to the future. 
Daren Martin ran his own company for 20 years and then began consulting other Fortune 500 companies thereafter. He provides coaching at all levels from leaders to employees to help them perform at their utmost. Daren has earned the Chief Culture Architect title through his thought leadership and ability to transform companies. He is a trusted advisor to business executives for big and small companies in creating Owner Cultures. He is also a bestselling author of 4 books namely, A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement; Whiteboard: Business Models That Inspire Action; Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean; and The Sink. He is working on more books to publish very soon but Whiteboard was the favorite of the great Leonard Cohen when he was still alive. His mission is to evolutionize Corporate America as he architects company cultures that increase employee engagement and inspire greatness. Daren keeps with his calling as an  International Keynote Speaker, podcaster, and International Author.

In this Episode:

  • How Daren started his own business with a PhD in Psychology but with no idea about running a business
  • How some founders prefer not to interact with other business leaders and how that is a disadvantage
  • How founders should get out there and forge relationships with trusted people in the industry
  • How reading books by gurus is a great way to learn
  • How matters that are important are worth scheduling if you want them done
  • How company cultures should be built from the start with a clear purpose and intention
  • How to go about building your company culture through conversations, relationships, and sustainability
  • How to deal with the challenge of having low performers or toxic members in the team
  • How employee engagement is the outcome of a positive and encouraging company culture

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