Why should a company like yours choose an exit? Wouldn’t you want to grow your company especially when you’re starting to gain momentum and success is just at the horizon? Apparently, as a Founder, you could get confronted with forks on the road as your company goes through the different stages. In particular, you could be facing a decision whether to continue and bring it to a Series A, monetize your current traction, or simply let it go through an exit. The decision is not as simple though. Find out the best way to do it and the steps you can undertake when leading your company towards a successful exit in this podcast episode. 
Nikhil Raj is the co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Paysa, Inc., a consumer and enterprise service startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through Paysa, Nikhil is making waves of changes in the human capital management space by using large scale data and artificial intelligence to help employers find talent and for employees’ career enhancement. Before founding his company along with 4 co-founders, Nikhil gained decades of experience leading various companies and large teams to success. He was at Walmart Labs, Walmart’s tech and product segment, and at Kosmix as Director. Wherever he went, he always made an impact through product and marketing leadership.

In this Episode:

  • How Nikhil and his co-founders decided to go through an exit for their company
  • Factors to consider in choosing an exit instead of other paths
  • What to do when another company is interested in buying out your business
  • How being a part of Walmart Labs helped Nikhil prepare for and make him capable for his current exit strategy
  • How the relationships he developed throughout his previous jobs became a foundational network for Paysa
  • How being on the buy side can give you the right perspective on how to be attractive to buyers
  • How companies get bought without you trying to sell them
  • How to create products and solutions that people actually want to buy
  • How to make the customer as the center for all the major decisions for the company
  • How to listen to consumer customers and determine what they want using objective metrics
  • How to gauge enterprise customers’ willingness to buy products or pay for your services
  • How to stay ahead of the competition by better offers and by being different
  • How Paysa helps employees get the salary they deserve
  • How Paysa works for enterprise customers in terms of hiring or benchmarking and salary
  • The importance of having the right co-founders and the number of co-founders to achieve success as a startup
  • How to pick the right investors for your company

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