You are not perfect – you’re human. You’re being a founder does not make you immune from having weaknesses and making mistakes. As such, in choosing people to be part of your team, you can’t just hire anybody. You have to hire that someone who is not just an expert but someone who will fit right into the company culture as well as fill in the gaps of what you cannot do. In the same way, attracting investors to invest in your company goes beyond showing them the numbers. Showing your humanity, how well you handle inevitable challenges, and still coming out strong and determined are what’s going to make investors believe in you and your company. In this episode, learn about the heart of hiring and succeeding with investors.
Kevin Eyres is an executive coach for CEOs and executives of high-growth tech companies as well as an investor. Consequently, he now has a well-rounded perspective into running a company internally and in investing in a company from the outside. Kevin has more than 20 years of experience as an executive leader specializing in hyper-growth leadership, business development, and international expansion. He spent over 10 years in Europe as an international strategic leader for LinkedIn Europe, SideStep or Kayak, and AltaVista. As a Managing Director for LinkedIn Europe, he developed and implemented the company’s growth strategies. In the technology space, Kevin likewise led the development teams at Compaq Computers and

In this Episode:

  • How to hire people based on their ability to identify and connect with the company’s mission and vision
  • How cultural fit is important for a person you hire for a team even as a startup
  • How rushing into hiring somebody just to get a position filled can have negative consequences for the company
  • How to hire the right person for your long-term goals in line with the company’s growth rate
  • The importance of having resilient leaders in a hyper-growth company environment confronted with consistent challenges
  • Kevin’s Cost of Compromise concept and how founders have to be aware of the compromises they make between time, money, and integrity
  • How founders should exhibit self-awareness, resilience, and resourcefulness in order to have an investor interested in them
  • How admitting to your weaknesses and stepping up to it makes investors trust in you more
  • How gut-feeling can prove to be true in choosing the individual to trust or invest in
  • How your ability as a founder or CEO to overcome challenges and come out stronger matters most

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