Is it enough for you to be a Founder and an expert at what you do? Founders are humans with amazing skills, talent, and expertise. But like any other human, founders have limitations too and there are things that they still need to learn and skills that they need to develop in order to achieve success in their business. Thankfully, you do not have to do everything alone. Specifically, this Toddcast is dedicated to founders looking to become superhumans who can be much better at what they can currently do. Learn from experts in various fields including Nancy Duarte, Folia Grace, Andy Cunningham, Erica Brescia, and Lauren Vaccarello, to name a few. Discover how Founder’s Place is that place where exceptional founders like yourself can still grow. Check out what you can look forward to in the next rich episodes of this Toddcast.

In this Episode:

  • How the last 8 weeks of the Founder’s Place podcast have been full of valuable interviews with 8 topnotch individuals
  • How Founder’s Place came into being after seeing both the founder’s strengths and limitations
  • How marketing and go-to-market strategy is an emerging gap in founders’ skill set
  • The resulting book, “Beyond Product: How Exceptional Founders Embrace Marketing to Create and Capture Value for their Business”
  • How the podcast is a rich resource for developing various areas of expertise in founders
  • How this Toddcast is about making it easier for founders to become better at everything they need to do
  • Why listen to Todd in this Toddcast
  • The 7-week podcast series and master class on Talent – hiring, building culture, and the team
  • The importance of having a hiring plan that builds around your preferred company culture
  • Phenomenal guests to listen to for the 7-week podcast series
  • What’s next: Founders DNA, investor strategy, data tools and tech, all about product, and marketing

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