What is today like for the digital marketer? There are many ways to define marketing but at its core is the concept of persuasion. Marketing is the art of being able to persuade people in and out of the organization including internal colleagues, B2B buyers, customers, influencers, and analysts to act according to your objectives. There are different tactics a marketer can use to make them succumb to the persuasion but the key is to be able to evolve with the times as the marketing world evolves and to remain constantly strategic. As such, for a CMO to be successful, he has to use both his creative and analytic skills to help create that culture for the company that enhances the overall customer experience. Discover the critical role that a CMO plays in today’s age of marketing evolution in this podcast episode.
Margaret Molloy is a global Chief Marketing Officer or CMO at Siegel+Gale, a world-renowned strategic branding and design consultancy. Margaret has a 20-year track record in B2B as a growth instigator and she also has a diverse marketing career spanning enterprise tech and professional and financial services. At Siebel Systems, she went from Product Marketing Line Manager to Senior Director, Americas Marketing and became member of the CEO’s Circle. Margaret also created #WearingIrish which is an innovative platform building awareness around Irish fashion design.

In this Episode:

  • How Margaret’s career has always been around marketing and B2B
  • How marketing is a persuasion business
  • How CMOs are strategic, creative, and analytic business leaders
  • How the CMOs role as the company’s culture carrier has to be a new addition to his marketing skills
  • How a CMO can drive business performance
  • How tech startups should focus on simplifying more than disrupting
  • The purchase-oriented versus the usage-oriented mindset
  • How marketing should span the whole customer journey and not end at the point of customer acquisition
  • How the whole gamut of marketing skills can have in-depth use for the company
  • How a B2B startup should be thinking about and doing brand
  • Company name, purpose, values, and brand experience as important aspects of branding
  • How early startups have to be in establishing their brand strategy
  • How a marketer should be able to create a consistent culture inside and outside of the company for a total customer brand experience
  • How customer centricity is a continuous process and effort

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