Achieving company growth is an exciting time. It is when you have closed a good number of sales and your team is just raring to go. And then you realize, that if you want to keep this going, you’ve got to have the right marketing strategy and someone to lead the company and your people to your targeted goals. Certainly, you will want a marketing person who has the background and experience that is a good fit with what you currently need. But how do you determine if indeed it is the right time to have a head of marketing? Among the different marketing disciplines, which background would be perfect for your kind of leads? Answer these critical questions and many more must-know marketing essentials as you listen to this podcast.
Folia Grace has been in marketing for more than a decade and currently she is VP for Marketing at Talkdesk. Talkdesk is an enterprise contact center platform that empowers various companies in improving customer experience continuously such as Shopify, Acxiom, and IBM. At cloud software companies are where Folia leads with a highly engaged and energized command and a successful track record. Folia is very well-experienced in all marketing aspects including demand generation, branding, field events, customer and marketing, and press and influencer relations to name a few. Her expertise lies in enterprise cloud applications, targeting enterprise buyers, and analytics.

In this Episode:

  • The typical scenario when companies feel the need to bring in a marketing leader to the team
  • How companies choose and evaluate their first marketing hire or CMO
  • How to decide whether to get someone with a demand generation or product marketing background
  • The perfect timing as to when you should have your first marketing hire
  • How much you should be spending for marketing to make it work together
  • The importance of customer marketing and how it should be done early
  • How marketing should be a holistic investment if you want your company to take off
  • How staying consistent as an enterprise or as a mid-market SMB is crucial for a marketing strategy
  • Effective marketing strategies for different kinds of organizations
  • How to build a marketing team with a diversity of needed skill sets, personalities, age range, and productive culture
  • How to lead younger people in the team and help them leverage their energy, creativity, and other relevant strengths
  • How a culture of respect is important to cultivate especially in having to implement changes in team members

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