How perfect are you as a founder and how much can you get done in a day? Well, nobody is perfect and that is true of every founder. You also do not have the superpowers or the time to work on every single thing that needs to get done for your company. At the very early stages, it is important to recognize that you will need help as a founder in various aspects of your business including operations, logistics, and marketing. And unless you humbly accept that there is nothing wrong with needing help, you will never be able to move forward. In fact, you will realize that as soon as you have found the right people to help you out, you can begin to focus on the much larger, more significant aspects of your business that needs your utmost attention at the founder’s level. Marketing in particular, as critical and as synonymous it is to success, will have to be passed on to the right person if you want to make it work. Here’s your podcast episode on talent resources and the founder’s work-life balance.
Erica Brescia is the COO and co-founder of Bitnami, a company dedicated at automating software packaging and maintenance. Erica has run Bitnami for 7 years and today, it is known for its application catalog delivered through major vendor marketplaces like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle among others. Currently, Erica is also an Investment Partner at XFactor Ventures with the goal of funding female founders looking at billion-dollar opportunities in the market. Erica specializes in business strategy, strategic alliances, and sales and marketing strategy. 

In this Episode:

  • How saying yes to every opportunity can be terrible advice for founders
  • Time management and commitment as a founder
  • How getting help or hiring an executive assistant for operational support is key in the early stage for startups
  • How passing off some aspects of operation and logistics to someone else will help you focus on big-picture business concerns
  • Important considerations in hiring the most fit marketing person for your company
  • The critical role of marketing in the success of the business
  • How modern-day marketers have to be technically sophisticated, analytics-driven, and empathetic
  • How to get clear about what you need in a marketer to find the right person
  • How to form the persona of the marketer that you want to hire
  • How you should not be afraid to ask for help especially from those at the expert level

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