Technology is simply overwhelming especially so for a founder who has a lot of other things to deal with or is not that technology-oriented. So how do you navigate around a martech stack? First off, there is a need to define what a martech stack exactly is to be able to establish its purpose for your company’s growth. A martech stack is composed of valuable technologies for attracting and retaining customers and being able to do it in a very efficient manner. However, this is not an isolated, random act because it has its roots in you knowing what your purpose is as a company. As such, these technologies are simply tools that you can use to help you achieve your goals and get your message across. Your company’s purpose is going to be your guide in building that martech stack solution that’s right for you. More on martech stack in this episode.
Anand Thaker is the CEO and Founder of IntelliPhi which helps growth executives in making insightful go-to-market decisions using intelligent systems, AI, data management, advanced analytics, and martech expertise. Anand is a 15-year veteran in the marketing technology space and is an expert in data, maketing, analytics, and sales. He built a good number of high-growth product startups and Marketing Technology consulting firms and grew enterprise firms including Siemens, Silverpop, Microsoft, Salesforce, and eBay to name a few. Anand also serves as an advisor to founders, investors, executives, and Marketing Technology analysts.

In this Episode:

  • How Anand collaborated with Scott Brinker for the Martech 5000 Landscape
  • What is martech stack at its most basic including email marketing, CRM, marketing automation, and content management solution
  • How martech stack is more than just marketing
  • How a website is a good place to begin for startups and what your website should communicate
  • How to simplify your social media efforts to listen to and engage with your audience
  • How to use technology to get your message out on your purpose as a business and what you’re trying to solve for your customers
  • How to find the right people to help you build your martech stack
  • The importance of knowing your real purpose as a company as a foundation for all your actions
  • When to set up a CRM system and how to customize it according to your needs
  • How technology simply takes on a supporting role to enable you, while at the core is still how well you are doing as a company
  • How to investigate whether you need certain intelligent technologies or not
  • How to purposely play with cool technologies
  • Deciding to hire or not and how to look for the right people
  • How getting a mentor and getting help is a smart move

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